Senior Life Enrichment Program

Rhythms Life Enrichment

We believe that every successful aging journey is unique. We know that each resident has their own history, background and personal interests. At Demaree Crossing, it is our goal to honor and support that individuality by tailoring our programs and activities to our residents.

Our Life Enrichment Philosophy

Our life enrichment philosophy is based on four key components of healthy aging:

  1. Social – fostering community based on the values that bring us together
  2. Intellectual – creating meaningful ways to keep an active mind
  3. Inspirational – creating purpose with opportunities for creative, compassionate and spiritual expression
  4. Physical – encouraging independence with inclusive fitness classes

Resident-Centered Programs and Activities for Seniors

To us, life enrichment is a partnership. Programs and activities are not created for our residents, but by our residents and always with their passions in mind. We welcome collaboration and input from residents and continually seek new ways to make sure everyone in our communities has the opportunity to be heard and recognized. Here, we embrace the mantra, “Be Well Known.”

Residents and their loved ones are encouraged to keep growing, learning and contributing to an engaging life – both for themselves and the community.

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