Transferring Parents Assisted Living Community

Posted: February 8, 2022

Senior Living

Transfer a Parent to a New Assisted Living Community

There are a variety of reasons why you may need to transfer your parent to a new assisted living community. Their current community may no longer be the right fit based on changing care needs, or they may not be receiving the support or services they need to thrive. In some cases, you need to transfer your parent to a new assisted living community quickly because their current community is closing. Here are some tips to help your parent make a smooth transition when transferring to a new assisted living community.  

Having the Conversation with Your Parent or Loved One

Much like the conversation you had when you first approached your parents or loved one about moving to an assisted living community, timing is everything. If their existing community is closing, they may be anxious. Listen to their fears and concerns and reassure them that you will work together to find a beautiful new community where they can thrive. Keep your loved one involved in as much of the decision-making as possible and keep them informed during the process.

If your parent is living with dementia it might be better to have the conversation closer to the actual transfer date. Your parent may not understand why it is necessary to move and it may take them a while to adjust to their new living situation once they have moved. Listen to what they are not saying, with dementia, they simply may need to feel safe.

When your parent or loved one needs to transfer to a new assisted living community, use this checklist to help smooth the transition.

Finding the New Assisted Living Community

Deciding on the right community for your parent to transfer to may take some time. If the community where they live is closing, you may feel pressured to make a quick decision. Start by asking your parent what they love and don’t love about their current community and things they would like to have in their new community. What size of room do they need? What floor plans are available in the communities you are considering? What amenities are important to your parent? What type of life enrichment activities would they find enjoyable? What levels of care are available and what therapeutic services does the community provide? Read about our partnership with Golden Age Home Health which allows us to assist numerous residents in achieving and maintaining the highest level of independence and personal wellness possible, all from the comfort of their own home at Demaree Crossing. 

Financial, Medical, and Logistical Considerations

If your loved one is transferring to a new community for personal reasons or because their current community is closing, you will want to review any contracts that have been signed and review the financial ramifications of moving. Is there a deposit that will be forfeited? Are you due a refund for partial rent paid?  Make sure to notify Medicare, Medicaid, or your private insurance company about the transfer as well.

If applicable, you’ll need to find out if hospice and therapeutic services contracted through outside organizations will transfer with your parent or if your parent will fall under the care of new organizations. Once you have found a new community, you’ll need to consider the logistics of transferring medications, as well as equipment like portable oxygen, walkers, and wheelchairs to the new community. Ask the new community what help, if any, is available to move furniture, clothing, and personal hygiene items on moving day.

Assisted Living with Memory Care in Greenwood, Indiana

As you search for a new assisted living community to transfer your parent to, we invite you to consider our senior living community in Greenwood, Indiana. At Demaree Crossing, we take a person-centered approach and create environments where residents find purpose and thrive. We take the time to understand each resident’s passions and interests and highlight those activities in our offerings. Our Rhythms Dementia program focuses on each person’s natural rhythm of life and incorporates ways to adapt to them. Learn about our unique dining program and teaching kitchen.

If you have questions, we have answers. Contact us to learn more or to schedule a live virtual tour today.

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