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Posted: June 12, 2020

Senior Living

Senior Living Residents Talk about Life during the Covid-19 Pandemic

All of us have had to find ways to combat the isolation and difficulties presented to us by the global pandemic. What has that looked like for senior living community residents and the people who make those places safe?

You will find differences from community to community, and Demaree Crossing is no exception. Each and every resident at Demaree Crossing is unique and carries with them their own strength and worldview.

Yet, they all feel safe and encouraged by their community. Keep reading to hear from them in their own words how they feel about the pandemic and how their community has handled it.

Living with the Big Changes

Everyone has had to make changes in their everyday life to ensure their and their loved ones’ safety. We all have so much to learn from each other on this end, and the elders in our communities can offer so many tips.

Kathy has been a resident at Demaree Crossing for a few months. She has been thankful to have window visits and facetime calls with her loved ones but is excited for the day when she can finally give hugs in person again.

“Being isolated from my family has been the most difficult change over the past few months,” Kathy shared. “Visits from staff and residents throughout the day has helped me manage being away from my family.”

Many residents find themselves having to work through other life events mid-pandemic. For instance, Bonnie, a 2-year resident of Demaree Crossing, lost her husband right before the pandemic.

“It has been difficult not being able to see family during grieving and talking about my late husband,” Bonnie said. “However, I do have friends and staff at the community who have helped fill that void during this time.”

Both Bonnie and Kathy are thankful for the ways community and modern technology has enabled them to make the most of the situation.

Feeling Safe and Supported

As Bonnie works with members of her community and family to feel emotionally supported, she is also thankful that she does not have to worry about her physical safety and health.

“I feel very safe. I cannot complain on that,” Bonnie said. “We are provided with masks and hand sanitizers to keep in our apartments.”

Beyond providing residents with proper PPE and resources, Demaree Crossing has also made consistent efforts to keep the community itself clean and supported.

“I feel safer in this community compared to other communities I have heard and read about in the news,” Kathy said. “They do daily temperature checks and symptom screenings. The housekeepers have been taking special sanitizing measures in my apartment since the pandemic.”

Looking Forward to Reopening

The residents of Demaree Crossing have bravely met the safety measures in response to the pandemic with great attitudes. That being said, they are all looking forward to the days when they can hug their loved ones again!

For many residents, they can see those days on the horizon!

“Things will continue to get better if everyone follows the rules, washes their hands, and follows certain protocols,” Bonnie said.

Kathy believes Demaree crossing has been the perfect place for her to be during such a trying time. This gives her hope that better days are ahead!

“Demaree Crossing is the best place I have seen that has taken care of us,” Kathy said. “During the pandemic, they are doing the very best they can to make sure you are safe.”

As residents and staff at Demaree Crossing work together to make the community safe and fulfilling during the pandemic, everyone is excited for the future.

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