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Posted: August 18, 2021

Senior Living Careers at Demaree Crossing in Greenwood

The past year and a half have been a difficult one as the world weathers the storm of a worldwide pandemic. According to Senior House News, finding employees is currently the top labor challenge for the senior living industry, and it should come as no surprise that COVID-19 is a big reason why. But as epidemiologists continue to learn more about the virus and assisted living communities have strict mitigation protocols in place, working in these environments is safer for everyone.

Working at Demaree Crossing

People who choose careers in assisted living and other communities that serve our elders come from all walks of life and have a wide range of backgrounds. While they are considering their career options, many are eager to learn about what a typical day might look like. But each day is different, which is one of the things staffers love most about their jobs. You might start off the week caring for a patient who has gotten week. That same day you could be enjoying conversations with residents, then helping residents with medication, meals, and other activities of daily living. As the week goes on, your duties could shift into preparing the dining room for an upcoming holiday.

At Demaree Crossing, a common thread runs through the feelings of most team members: Working here doesn’t feel like a job but more like being home. Given the compassionate culture, comprehensive training, and high expectations of our management partner, Cappella Living Solutions, team members and residents are set up to grow and flourish.

Shelly, a Demaree Crossing care provider, speaks fondly about the conversations she has with residents. “I love hearing their stories,” she says. Going to work every day is a rewarding experience for her: “It makes me feel good to give back…it’s wonderful to help [residents] be successful.”

Quane, also a care provider, concurs, explaining that working here “gives me joy in my heart.”
“I normally leave every room with a smile on my face,” says grounds and maintenance provider Andy.

Demaree Crossing offers a varitety of benefits to its employees. There are a range of available medical plan choices. This allows employees to ensure they have the best coverage that works for their own specific needs. Along with their medical coverage, employees have the option to enroll in the available Vision and Dental plans. Demaree Crossing also offers several voluntary benefits that employees can choose to participate in. Some examples include disability insurance, life insurance, identity theft protection, and more.

Every assisted living community is different, and the culture of a community will be a direct reflection of both the team that works there and the residents who live there. But there are some things about working at Demaree Crossing that remain unchanged.

Creating Meaningful Relationships

Relationships are what makes life worth living. And the relationships built at assisted living communities between residents and team members are invaluable—to both. Older people often feel alone and isolated and moving to an assisted living community provides an opportunity to connect with peers. But it also offers the chance to get to know team members of all ages. Many team members grow fond of certain residents, often referring to them as second parents or grandparents. The connections built across the generations mean employees and residents spend time learning and engaging.

Learning Opportunities

The life experiences of our residents span decades of history, and the stories they can tell about times past are fascinating. The experienced the Great Depression, wars, baby booms, and more. Conversations about their collective life experiences is valued by residents as much as team members. From first-hand historical knowledge to diverse thoughts and values, there is a wealth of wisdom in each and every one of our residents. All you need is an open mind and a willingness to listen.

Changing Lives

Although many of our residents are active members of the communities who live self-sufficiently, others struggle with the activities of daily living. This can be damning to self-esteem and even lead to depression. Having a compassionate team member can make a big difference. Elders who get quality care and regular social interaction tend to be healthier and live longer. Studies have shown that loneliness can be even more deadly than obesity. Being a friend to a resident requires no medical training.

Meaningful Challenges

If you’ve ever worked a truly boring job, you know how exhausting it can be—not to mention demoralizing. You’ll never experience boredom at Demaree Crossing. Every day will be filled with meaningful challenges that improve the lives of the residents under our care. Those looking for a creative, innovative career that excites and challenges might want to consider the transition to an assisted living community.

Careers in assisted living offer opportunities for people of virtually all educational backgrounds and skill levels. From entry-level careers as receptionists or orderlies to demanding work as executive directors or in-house physicians, there’s something for everyone. Many people who start entry-level careers in senior living pursue additional education, growing into more demanding and lucrative careers.

Reach Out to Demaree Crossing

Assisted living careers offer an unparalleled chance to bring meaningful change to people’s lives. If you are ready for a rewarding career working in a dynamic environment that truly has a positive impact, we would like to talk to you.

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