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Posted: September 10, 2021

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Senior Living Therapy for Senior Living Residents in Greenwood, IN

Golden Age Home Health Care, LLC has been a trusted partner and the preferred provider of Senior Living therapy and skilled nursing services at Demaree Crossing Assisted Living and Memory Care since the shovel broke ground for construction of the community.  We are thrilled to say that through our unique partnership, we have been able to assist numerous residents in achieving and maintaining the highest level of independence and personal wellness possible, all from the comfort of their own home at Demaree Crossing. 

Golden Age Home Health is nationally recognized and locally owned by a team of experienced medical professionals who joined together to combine their expertise from a collective 250+ years of experience in rehabilitation, to bring to life a company where patient care, outcomes and satisfaction are paramount, and for the past ten years, they have been doing just that! 

In Community therapy means better outcomes for residents?

Demaree Crossing recognizes that healthcare is constantly changing, and patients are returning home from the hospital and rehab sooner, often with ongoing medical needs.  Our partnership with Golden Age allows us to adapt and rise to the occasion to meet those needs.  Traditionally, senior living communities offer outpatient services to residents who are medically stable and may benefit from a low intensity and frequency of physical, occupational or speech therapy.  While these services serve an important role, we also recognize the limitations and barriers to services they may present to residents who may require more intensive therapy and medical intervention, such as limited days/hours of operation, limitations on frequency and duration of services allowed and lack of skilled nursing services.  Residents can rest assured that we take very seriously the commitment to their personal health and well-being, with the shared goal of remaining in the comfort of their home here for as long as possible.  And that’s exactly why we chose to partner with the experts at Golden Age Home Health to help us achieve that goal in our memory care and assisted living neighborhoods.

Benefits of Golden Age Home Health Care Services at Demaree Crossing:

  • Highly skilled clinicians work hand in hand with our care team, the resident, their physician and loved ones, to develop an individualized care plan with meaningful goals to meet each individual’s unique needs. 
  • Skilled nursing services above and beyond the scope of care that can be offered by licensed residential care staff in IN, available to residents in the comfort of their home.  Examples of those services include catheter management, IV antibiotics, blood draws and board-certified wound care. 
  • Prevention of hospitalizations and inpatient rehabilitation stays, unnecessary ER visits and discharge to higher levels of care, through early identification and intervention of acute changes in medical and functional status that can be managed in the community 
  • Services available 7 days a week, 365 days a year as needed, as well as a 24-hour nursing line available to staff, residents and their loved ones 
  • Services covered 100% under traditional Medicare with no co-pay or cap on length of services, as long as physician certifies the need for skilled care.  (Medicare Advantage policies may have varying coverage based on policy) 
  • Golden Age offers a full continuum of care including Golden Physical Therapy, outpatient services and Golden Age Home Care, personal and attendant care all under one roof.  Residents may not have immediate need for services but have the assurance they are available if needed. Residents are treated by same the clinicians each visit to establish relationships and continuity of care. Clinicians are able to continue caring for the resident if and when they transition from home health care to outpatient or vice versa 

For additional information about services offered by Golden Age Home Health Care, please contact Kendra Pierson, M.A. Director of Business Development at 317-771-6121 or call our 24-hour referral line at 317-893-2449.