staff training to assist residents with dementia

Posted: March 7, 2022

Memory Care

Demaree Crossing Staff Highly Trained in Dementia Services

Alzheimer’s and dementia change the way a person sees the world around them, that is why at Demaree Crossing our staff are highly trained in dementia services. Our team goes through extensive dementia training and works within the Rhythms Dementia Approach and Services which offer education and tools to build a resident-empowered neighborhood and lifestyle. We offer a foundational 8-hour Rhythms Dementia course to all of our Rhythms care partners, followed by one-going monthly dementia education to maintain a highly skilled and competent memory care and support team.

Personalized Support

The principle of Rhythms dementia approach is to meet your loved one where they are in the Rhythm of their life and personalize our approach to their preferences, interests, needs and gifts. Our program is not only for residents, but we also strive to educate everyone including our residents’ families and communities on how to integrate best practices into daily living, care and engagement so that they feel supported and can offer support to others. Some of these best practices include active listening, validation, and the 3 cues to enhance positive communication between the person and their care partners. These practices foster better care, positive self-esteem and personal autonomy.
The Rhythms Approach to living with dementia focuses on honoring individualized daily routines and purposeful engagement. Our memory care community team members integrate adaptive and structure life skills activities of interest, while also promoting flexible, spontaneous and creative engagement to meet the changing needs of a person living with dementia.

Sense of Belonging

Our Rhythms process invites you and your loved one to participate in our Rhythms of My Life interview, so we can get to know your loved one and help them become well known in the community and feel a sense of belonging. We build a customized support plan based on your loved ones Rhythms of My Life story; a plan that focus on creating comfort, knowing personal triggers and simple pleasures, and engaging a person in their desired lifestyle of wellness and well-being. Our job is to listen to what your loved one is telling us and help them thrive by celebrating their strengths.
Our Lifestyle engagement program concentrates on the 5 pillars of Wellness: Social Connection, Intellectual Stimulation, Physical Health, Purposeful Engagement, and Spiritual Living. Whether your loved one is passionate about gardening, baking, being outdoors, listening to favorite music, being active and fit, or spending time with friends and family; our goal is to support their well-being and sense of purpose, as well as yours. If you have questions or would like to learn more about our personalized approach to memory care, please feel free to contact us. Our team members are happy to help.

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